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Corona Poetry

One of the Korban residents has been inspired during the Covid-19 outbreak to use all the free time to get creative. This is one of his poems written about the impact of Coronavirus all around.

The depression of corona

It came for us like a long distance runner, Mo Farah

Out of nowhere, hiding in plain sight

But who expected 2020 to be the end for so many

lies and deceit fill the world as we didn’t know what to believe

First came the Panic

Second came the fear

Roaring over the ocean

Spread country to country

A child’s voice echoed Covid-19 as president trump declared war shouting over America

China reopened factories and Wuhan celebrates the end

Save humanity, save the families

But the journey is far

And the NHS is weak

The Pope prays for England

The sick sleeps

The rains comes after a hot summer

The atmosphere is intense

Hospital beds where we lay our heads

Doctors confused

Stock brokers losing

The bank reducing

The economic lacking

Sometimes we hear the world crashing

“Is this the end?”

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