Did You Know?

It is thought that up to 50,000 young people across the UK each year are in crisis and have become homeless.

Many thousands more are ‘hidden homeless,’ who are not visible to the authorities, but who live in poor housing conditions, stay in abusive households, or who ‘sofa-surf’ – stay with friends to avoid going home.  There are many reasons why young people become homeless –

  • Family conflict and abuse
  • Poverty and unemployment
  • Lack of space and privacy
  • Leaving care

Of these, family conflict is the most common factor.  Research estimates that 1 in 20 young people will be homeless at some stage, before they reach the age of 25.

Colchester Korban Project provides a safe and secure stop-gap for vulnerable young people, whilst solutions are found to their housing problems.With your help, we can help to prevent young people falling into the downward spiral of long-term homelessness.

Volunteer families offer a young person the chance to stay in a safe, friendly, normal environment. This allows an often confused and vulnerable young person the chance to take stock of their situation without the worry of where they will sleep tonight.